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CAMP represents the SCSK Group’s CSR commitment to develop the next generation of leaders. It involves the development, implementation and nation-wide dissemination of workshops as a new style of learning with the aim of nurturing children’s ability to “create together.”

At CAMP workshops, children enjoy themselves while discovering personalized means of self-expression and widening their circle of communication. Working in conjunction with MIT Media Laboratory and other collaborators both in Japan and abroad, CAMP offers a wide variety of workshops incorporating five elements: “think,” “make,” “connect,” “present,” and “reflect.”


CAMP workshops provide children with opportunities to find their own ways to express themselves and to expand their circle of communication, while having fun, through creative work, group work, and presentation of their work.

At CAMP workshops, a greater emphasis is placed on children experiencing the processes of “thinking,” “making,” “connecting,” “presenting,” and “reflecting,” than on completing or refining their efforts. Moreover, we believe that the most important thing is for children to take the initiative and enjoy the activities in these processes.

Key element of CAMP Workshop