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CAMP started in April 2001 as an endeavor to help children develop their creativity and powers of expression, learn teamwork and gain the ability to create the future together through workshops.

In recent years, as the birthrate has continued to decline in Japan, children have been losing contact with their local communities. Even schools, the centers of learning, have faced various problems. In addition, complex and intractable challenges such as worldwide economic crisis, environmental concerns, and racial or religious problems have become pressing concerns. Although Japan has suffered an unprecedented catastrophe, it has received support from all over the world. This includes encouragement from children in developing countries. Needless to say, we have to help Japan recover from the disaster, but as members of global community, we believe we also have to make every effort to promote the healthy development of the children of Japan and other countries in order to open the way to a hopeful future.

CAMP has been supported by active employee participation all the way since its start. Many employees have volunteered help in the running of workshops throughout Japan. As well, we have collaborated with research and educational organizations, museums and artists within and outside Japan and have received assistance and support from them. This has provided significant opportunities for our participating employees to interact with the community and acquire new ideas.

We wish to provide further growth opportunities for children, leaders of the future, by delivering a wide variety of wonderful workshops through the combined efforts of many people.

We at SCSK hope that children will unfold their enormous potential and lead society to a prosperous and sustainable future. We wish to thank everyone for their consideration and support.