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With Okawa Center (Keihanna Science City, Kyoto) as its development facility, CAMP develops workshops on its own and through collaboration with artists, researchers, business enterprises and other organizations in and outside Japan. Contents of workshops so developed are refined at CAMP by repeatedly implementing them with the aim of making them available as packages. In addition to themes, space design, time allocation, material types and facilitation methods are also validated from various perspectives and refined. CAMP continues to develop workshops that children can spontaneously enjoy.


CAMP is proactive in researching ways to create and evaluate workshops, train facilitators, and respect and utilize intellectual properties related to the workshops, aiming at the realization of a society where children can conveniently experience quality workshops.


Volunteer employees of the SCSK group companies and its business sites throughout Japan play a central role in holding CAMP workshops on an ongoing basis. Also, there are expanding collaborative relationships with museums, universities, business enterprises and other organizations at each site where the workshops are held.


In order to have more children experience CAMP workshops, a package that includes a kit of CAMP workshop operating procedures and a facilitator training program has been provided to museums, schools and various organizations throughout Japan.